HP 110 assistance sought

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sun Nov 21 11:34:19 2004

I just received a mint condition HP 110 plus computer from an ex HP
employee. He didn't send me a manual or power cord, so I'm left with some
questions I was hoping some folks could help.

1) I was thinking about hooking this up to my HP 1631D logic analyser.
Connected to my logic analyser is a 9121 floppy drive and 2225 printer. The
9121 and 2225 are hooked up to the 1631D via HP-IB. My 1631 analyser has an
HP-IB port (of course) and an HP-IL port as does the HP110 plus. So can I
hook up the 110 plus to the 1631D via HP-IL, and have the laptop see the
printer and floppy that are hooked up to the 1631 via HP-IB? In essence I'm
asking if the 1631 will act as a hub between the two different types of
connection since it has both. I know nothing about HP-IL.

2) Would anyone have a cable to accomplish the above? I have HP-IB cables
but no HP-IL cables.

3) Um... uh... I have to admit I can't figure out how to turn on the 110
plus. It would appear to have no power switch at all. If my guess as to the
power cable connection on the back is correct, it will require a
non-standard power cable of some type. Anyone have a spare or know where I
can get one?

4) It'd be nice to find a manual for the unit. Anyone have a spare, or know
where a PDF copy is? I'd like to find a complete set of manuals for it and
the apps built into the roms.

Any help is most appreciated!


Jay West
Received on Sun Nov 21 2004 - 11:34:19 GMT

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