HP 110 assistance sought

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun Nov 21 13:45:11 2004

> Thanks for the input Tony!
> FYI, what I got was a 110 plus, not the 110.

That is a Portable Plus, then. In which case the schematic on the HPCC
CD-ROM isn't going to be any help, but many of the manuals I have here
might be (no, I am not offering to copy large sections of them...)

> Also, here's what's in the rom drawer in case someone is looking for a copy
> of any chips there:
> Reflection 1
> Memomaker/Time Management
> HP Series 100 BASIC
> 123 Lotus
> Executive Card Manager

All farily standard, and I am sure you can guess what they are.
Reflection, IIRC, is a terminal emulator.

> Looks like my first "go find one" item is that 8V power brick and cable for
> it :)

The cables are part of the brick. IIRC the US version is a wall-wart with
an AC output cable ending in the connector for the machine. The UK
version has a mains cable and normal plug, it's not built into the plug
like a wall wart. They really are _very_ common units, at least amongst
HP calculator enthusiasts....

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