New Find! VERY COOL!

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 15:09:50 2004

> On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Joe R. wrote:
> > Interesting. It's very possible that these manuals were used with
> > that very computer.
> I was thinking the same thing. I've experience stranger coincidences.

A somewhat similar thing happeend to me. As everyone here knows, I have a
Philips P850 minicomputer, and shortly after getting it I went to a talk
on %subject-that-I-forget given by a couple of Philips employees. Anyway,
I mentioned to them that I had the P850 and asked if they ever came
across any manuals for said machine that were no longer needed, I'd love
to have them. Anyway, about a week later I got a large parcel of manuals
from Philips, none of them directly applicable to the P850, but for
related machines. Amongst them was a P851 user manual with the name 'A
Browne' written on the cover.

Now skip forwards about 10 years. There was an 'advert' in the CCS
journal wondering if anyone was interested in a couple of old Philips
minis, a P851 and a P854. I got in touch with the person mentioned and
found that he wsan't the owenr of the machines, but that I had to contact
somebody else. That I did, and found that, fortunately, I was the first
(and only?) person interested, so I made arrangements to collect them.
The name of the owner? Arthur Browne. Yes, the user manual has been
re-united with the machine :-)

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