8 inch disk drives available in Vancouver Island, BC

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Date: Sun Nov 21 13:53:17 2004

See below.

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I live on Vancouver Island British Columbia small town of Port Alberni,
if you know anyone that can use them and has someway to or someone coming
this way they are quite welcome to the drives. Otherwise off to the dump
they go. Thanks for your reply and I know it is a long way to ship such an
item but they are here for the taking. CHEERS.


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> On Sun, 21 Nov 2004, Gerry Hickford wrote:
>> Have a Industrial Micro Systems Disk Drives in a approx. 24x24x12 inch
>> case with 2 8in. drives in it I will donate if you are interested would
>> be glad to get rid of them if they can be of interest to you.
> Hi Gerry.
> I'm not sure I can use them. But I'm sure I can find someone who can.
> Where are you located?

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