IBM 3270 interfacing?

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 00:31:14 2004

> The 3174s also came with options for token ring (pretty cheap now) and
> ethernet (still ruinously expensive) attachment. Get one of those, and get
> the latest version of the controller microcode (C6.4 I think) from IBM. This
> magic microcode allows you to also use the 3174 as a telnet client - you
> boot the controller, power on any coax-attached 3270 terminals - and the
> terminal displays a screen which essentially allows you to type 'telnet
> <hostname>' and connect, like any other telnet client or serial terminal
> (but with a funky keyboard!).

Hey, way cool! There are lots of 3270 terminals in the hospital where I
work and not enough "fat" clients -- something that could let me telnet
somewhere I could to useful work would be great. How can I find out if the
3174 I'm connected to supports this? (How can I get to this prompt on an
already-running 3174? I presume IT wouldn't like me breaking into comm
closets to reset the terminal servers ;)

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