IBM 3270 interfacing?

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 08:33:10 2004

> Cool... that could be fun... I used to have a couple of Memorex 3270 clones
> in the attic - not sure if they are still there - haven't dug that deep in
> a few years. If I run across them again, that would be a neat application.

I had a nightmare about 3270 terminals last night. I'm serious. I don't know
how they turned up in there, but the light pen was causing trouble.

Over in LargeNationalHMO where I (over)work as a sleepless resident, we're
riddled with Memorex Telex boxen, although they were slowly replaced by newer
"MTX" boxes that attach to standard SVGA monitors (very convenient), but
still have the light pen and standard 3270 keyboard. I've subtly tried finding
out where the terminal servers reside, but I suspect a lot of it is going to
be phased out when they go to a full electronic medical record -- right now
it's about half and half on an older MVS system.

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