FYI: identity theft

From: Gary Fisher <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 16:25:35 2004

Wow! Nasty.

Kind of a round about way to do credit card fraud, but on the other hand it puts the trail onto the hapless guys who paid for the items on eBay. I suppose eGolds records would just lead to some post office box or even worse, general delivery and i'm sure a battery of lawyers would be required to even get that far. New day, different scam!

I hope you went to the eBay forums with your info, I suppose eBay will do nothing to warn anybody (scams never happen on eBay!).

Any idea how your credit card info got to the scammer?

Gary Fisher

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Bound to happen! A few odd charges showed up on my business
credit card. I caught it quickly, then went into gumshoe mode.
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