Sorta OT Mac G4 TCP question

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 22:59:11 2004

   Have a G4 400 running OS9.2.2, 1G ram, used as an 'appliance' computer
in my studio.

   As a result of a bizarre problem in getting a new software package to
authorize (so far the company can't figure out why it's broke - !) I need
to hook the Mac up to the Rest Of The World and download a bunch of
patches and crap.

   To date, I have never used this computer on-line - so I drug Cat5 cable
in from the switch, hooked it up, and Voila! 'That Which Communicates' is
also completely hosed.

   I get "Internal error #300" and "Mac OS error -23" pointing to a
funkyness on the part of the TCP/IP stack / driver / panel / thingy, as
far as I can see from looking up endless pages of error codes. And I've
made all the settings recommended... also, the cable is known good and
works perfectly when drug back into the office and hooked up to this
laptop upon which I type.

   I've spent the better part of three hours turkey-ing about with this -
and I have *way* too much invested in it to just heave it into the desert
like I want to - so I thought to bend the List Protocols a bit and see if
anyone has one of those "Oh, yeah, here's what ya do..." type responses.

   More info will be cheerfully supplied, I don't know what elese to add.


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