Dragon32 Power-Supply

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Wed Nov 24 04:36:24 2004

At 19:54 23/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Dave Dunfield wrote:
>> Can anyone give me the pinout and details of the power
>> supply used on the Dragon32 (have a machine with no
>> supply) - It has a 9-pin 'D' connector on the back of
>> the machine for the power input!
>OK, I've just got my machine down from the loft and had a look
>for the manual -- but I don't have a manual! So, time to test
>it with a meter...
>Pin 1 joined to Pin 6, one side of 8.5V AC Red
>Pin 2 joined to Pin 7, other side of 8.5V AC Black
>Pin 3 14V AC Yellow
>Pin 4 0V White
>Pin 5 14V AC Blue
>The two 14V AC windings form a centre-tapped 28V winding, which
>according to the label on the transformer is rated at 250mA. The
>8.5V winding is rated 1.5A. The actual voltages I measured were
>8.9V and 14.3V (twice), so they're slightly higher off-load. The
>9-pin 'D' connector on the end of the PSU cable is a female. The
>PSU itself is clearly just a transformer in a white plastic box.

Hi John,

Thanks for the info - makes perfect sense, an 8v input to drive
a 5v supply, and C.T. 28v input to drive +/-12.

I shall see if I can fire it up this weekend.

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