Sale of "free" stuff on eBay

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 05:53:42 2004

complain to ebay that he does not have your permission to distribute your
software, they should pull his auctions.

At 06:26 PM 11/23/2004, you wrote:
>Hello, all:
> I was browsing eBay and I came across this listing in my "S100"
> A few months back, I bought a CD from Dynacomp Software because it
>had a bunch of Altair manuals on it that I didn't have. This is, of course,
>before I found Bitsavers and Harte Technologies, which has all that I could
>want on the documentation side.
> Anyway, when this guy was selling only Volume 1 and 2, he was also
>selling the original manuals, so I thought that this guy was OK. As time
>went on, he began to sell other compilation CDs but not the manuals, so I
>concluded that he began clipping files from all over the Web and selling
>them on CDs. A little unsavory, but, well, what can one do?
> Tonight, I looked at Volume 5 and in the CD table of contents (link
>above), I see "altair32 Project Altair" and two other related
>listings. As you all know, this is my baby and this person never had the
>courtesy to ask my permission to distribute my albeit free software.
> Am I crazy here? Should I contact this guy and ask him to remove it?
>Should I ask him to place a link to the project page instead? How about
>modifying the listing to include a "permission granted" message?
> Any thoughts on this?
>Rich Cini
>Collector of classic computers
>Build Master for the Altair32 Emulation Project
>Web site:
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