Masscomp computers?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 07:04:04 2004

At 01:45 PM 11/24/04 +0100, you wrote:
>"Joe R." wrote:
>> Does anyone on this list play with the Masscomp computers?
>I have one, but haven't spent much time on it yet. How can I help you?

   I have three of them plus a stack of manuals so I don't really need
help. I was just wondering if anyone else was interested in them and what
kind of experience they'd had with them. Mine appear to be MC5600s with a
single CPU card (68020), two 2 mb memory cards, a 85Mb hard errive and 5
1/4" floppy drive, a Multibus ethernet card, a Burr Brown Multibus 72
channel data aquisition card, XYLogics 451 (IIRC) Multibus Winchester
controller card, a NCR Multibus HPSIO card with 8 serial ports and one
parallel port and some others that I don't remember at the moment. Reading
the manuals it looks like they were killer machines back in their day.
These appear to be complete and should be functional but I haven't tested
them yet. I took one completely apart yesterday and got photos of
everything. I'll edit and post them when I have time.


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