Sale of "free" stuff on eBay

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 11:03:41 2004

All I'm talking about is courtesy. He has ripped documents from my Web site
too, but so have others. I don't really care, because the MITS, Commodore,
NorthStar and AIM stuff I have isn't mine anyway (well, the documents are
mine but obviously I don't hold the copyright). I'm just looking for

Look at Most of the NorthStar stuff from there is right off
of my site.


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> Here's a theoretical question for the group.
> What if someone compiled copyrighted data (giving credit to the owners)
onto a
> CD, and gave it away for FREE, but made their money by having advertising
> inside the contents -- would that be considered ethical?
> For the record, it's NOT anything that I plan to do with the newsletter.
> Evan

Just giving credit to the copyright owners doesn't mean you are in
compliance with copyright law. You need the explicit permission of the
copyright holder.

Assuming you have that permission, then the model you suggest is ethical as
long as the copyright holders understand what you are doing.
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