Making CP/M disk images

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 12:56:17 2004

Hello, all:

        I'm trying to make disk images of a CP/M disk from an MS-DOS machine
so I can send the images to some one else to generate disks. The CP/M
machine is a Micromint SB180. The PC is a standard Compaq 386. Both machines
have HD 5.25" drives although the format of the disk is standard 40-track.

        I've used Copy-II-PC to make disk-to-disk copies with some success
but the CP2PC software can't make images. I have not hooked-up the CP2PC
floppy controller board yet, but that could be another test option.

        I've also used Teledisk 2.12, which can make disk images but I
haven't been able to successfully regenerate a test disk image into a
working diskette.

        Are there any other disk imaging programs out there for the PC that
can read and archive CP/M-format disks?



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