Sale of "free" stuff on eBay

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 13:22:31 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Dave Dunfield wrote:

> > Tonight, I looked at Volume 5 and in the CD table of contents (link
> >above), I see "altair32 Project Altair" and two other related
> >listings. As you all know, this is my baby and this person never had the
> >courtesy to ask my permission to distribute my albeit free software.
> > Am I crazy here? Should I contact this guy and ask him to remove it?
> >Should I ask him to place a link to the project page instead? How about
> >modifying the listing to include a "permission granted" message?
> > Any thoughts on this?

Having written lots of free software myself dating back 25
years, I look at it as flattery. He's not misrepresenting it,
the cost is nominal, it puts more copies out there, and unless
it's explicitly contrary to copyright restrictions you put
into the source, it's not illegal or unethical. It's a mild
form of semi-immortality, especially if they're stamped CDRs,
which seems to be in innate urge of all earthians (metoo).

It would be nice to acknowledge the many contributors; for a $10
CDR it's probably not worth the time ($) to compile an accurate
list of peoples names, there'd be errors, omissions, etc.

Also, it's clearly only going to a pretty rarefied crowd,
I don't think Walmart will be carrying it.
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