Sale of "free" stuff on eBay

From: Michael Nadeau <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 14:35:56 2004

> >> What if someone compiled copyrighted data (giving credit to the
> >> owners) onto a CD, and gave it away for FREE, but made their money
> >> by having advertising inside the contents -- would that be
> >> considered ethical?
> > Just giving credit to the copyright owners doesn't mean you are in
> > compliance with copyright law.
> The question asked "ethical", not "legal". They are very different for
> a lot of people (and neither is a subset of the other, for many, such
> as me - there are illegal things I consider ethical and legal things I
> consider unethical.)

My point is that it is unethical to use someone's copyrighted material
without their permission or knowledge of exactly how it will be used. It
also happens to be illegal.
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