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From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 16:02:54 2004

[oops. severely off topic. aren't I allowed one of these per quarter? :-)]

Doc Shipley wrote:
>comes off as pretty even-handed and non-fanatical. People like Bruce
>Perens and Eric Raymond get as much credit as Stallman and Torvalds do.

I think that's a shame. I remember the original email Linus sent out
(on usenet) about this "new os".

And I think Stallman is head and shoulders above all of them.

He may be mad, and a total 'PITA', but he's 10x the programmer and

And I think he deserves a lot more of the credit for the open source
movement. Stallman was working on open source when Linus was still in
grade school.

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