Making CP/M disk images

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 17:05:23 2004

>From: "Richard A. Cini" <>
>Hello, all:
> I'm trying to make disk images of a CP/M disk from an MS-DOS machine
>so I can send the images to some one else to generate disks. The CP/M
>machine is a Micromint SB180. The PC is a standard Compaq 386. Both machines
>have HD 5.25" drives although the format of the disk is standard 40-track.

 Both are HD?? Are you using the first 40 tracks on the CP/M side
as compared to alternate 40 tracks on the PC side? Usually when
a PC program thinks it is using 40 tracks on a HD drive, it skips
every other track. Unless the firmware on the CP/M machine has
modified low level code for seeking tracks, it will single
step between tracks. This could be an issue when doing images.
 You can always do some direct to controller stuff. Several
of the books on writing code for PC's describe how to setup
the DMA channels and talk to the controller. I've used that
to get around the problem of the first track being single density
while the rest of the disk was double density.

> I've used Copy-II-PC to make disk-to-disk copies with some success
>but the CP2PC software can't make images. I have not hooked-up the CP2PC
>floppy controller board yet, but that could be another test option.
> I've also used Teledisk 2.12, which can make disk images but I
>haven't been able to successfully regenerate a test disk image into a
>working diskette.
> Are there any other disk imaging programs out there for the PC that
>can read and archive CP/M-format disks?
> Thanks.
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