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From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 17:12:38 2004

Tore S Bekkedal wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 16:21 -0600, Doc Shipley wrote:
>> I don't know Stallman personally (except through some email
>>correspondence on behalf of a LUG), but I think your assessment is spot
>>on. I do know and work with a couple of people who worked directly with
>>him at FSF in the '80s and '90s, and they are completely insufferable,
>>much in the way that Christian Scientists, Moonies, or Jehovah's
>>Witnesses are. "If It Ain't GNU, It Can't Be True", and intrusive as hell.
>> And yeah, I probably just managed to offend the *rest* of CCTalk.
>>Oh, well.
> I fully agree with you, in fact. I work on an open source project to
> bring Linux software and thin clients into schools, called Skolelinux
> (Skole being the Norwegian word for School). I have heard rumours of a
> FSF fanatic (might have been RMS himself) arguing with our project
> leader about the title, wanting us to change the title to
> "Skole-GNU/Linux"!! :D

   That doesn't sound like just a rumour.

   I mentioned corresponding with RMS on behalf of a LUG here, the
University of Texas SIGLinux. RMS was planning a speaking tour and SIGL
invited him here. The official FSF position, which was later verified
by personal email from Stallman, was that he would be very happy to
speak in Austin.

   As long as the official name of SIGLinux was changed to include GNU.

   I absolutely see RMS as the father of the open intellectual
"property" revolution, not just open software. Bu after the SIGLinux
deal, I have to say he's gone right over the top.

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