Masscomp computers?

From: Jon Auringer <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 17:38:00 2004

Jules Richardson wrote:

>On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 16:05 -0600, Jon Auringer wrote:
>>If I am not mistaken, the machines I have are 5400s.
>Whereabouts do they display the model number? The only thing of any
>significance on ours seemed to be a 'mwb515' on the back; it just says
>Masscomp on the front without any model details.
That is an excellent question. First, let me say that I was incorrect
about my machines being 5400s. As I looked at them, it struck me that
they are actually MC500s. I know this mainly because I have a manual
somewhere with a picture on the cover. I also noticed that inside one of
the front panels there was a 1984 date stamped on it. The following time
line I snatched from the Web would seem to collaborate this. I believe
that the one Masscomp that I arranged to be donated to the Rhode Island
Museum was a 5400. I believe that I still have documentation for that
system. I was planning to spend some time this weekend sorting through
my Masscomp stuff. If I find anything pertinent, I will let you know.


        1981 year Establishment. Completion of design of first system MC500
        1982 year First number machine MC500 shipment
 From electronic product magazine most excellent annual product prize
        1983 year From Industrial Research and Development council 1r100
        1984 year Stock in NASDAQ presentation
        1985 year Second generation series MC5000 series, total 5 type 9 model
announcement Japanese Massachusetts * computer corporation establishment
        1985 year Superior type MC6000 series of MC5000 series announcement
        1988 year In the United States, the concurrent * computer corporation
and the Massachusetts * computer corporation merger
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