Approaches to projects

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 18:57:02 2004

>From: "Doc Shipley" <>
>Philip Pemberton wrote:
>> I've had the same experience -
>> Them> "Would you like this computer?"
>> Me> "What is it?"
>> Them> "Um.. 386-25 with 1MB of RAM"
>> Me> "To tell the truth, I don't collect PCs, they're not that rare, or even
>> particularly useful."
>> Them> "Oh, OK. I've got a ZX81 you can have for fifty quid. Or a C64 for ?95"
>> Them> "They're going in the bin tomorrow, so let me know before then, ok?"
>> Speaking of which, iirc someone offered me a SYM-1 a while back.. they
>> wanted somewhere in the region of $900 for it. Last I heard, it hit the
>> dumpster. Real shame - then again, their property, their choice :-/
> This just twists my brain.
> "I think this computer is worth ONE MILLLLLION DOLLARS. What, you'll
>give me 20 bucks? Instead of taking your twenty bucks or putting it up
>for no-reserve auction, I'll just throw this million-dollar computer
>away!!! MuaHaHaHaaaa!!!"
> Been there, did that, still bitter.
> Doc

 Still can't imagine a SYM-1 being worth $900. From $75 to maybe
$150 someplace is more like it. It has little to be note worthy
of that I know of. The KIM is more recognized as a historic
board. I doubt if that person though it was actually worth something
that they'd have thrown it away, regardless of what they said.
 Still, for one rounding out their 6502 collection, the SYM-1
is a nice item to have.
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