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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 19:40:39 2004

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> I don;'t have a single PC-compatible laptop. I've got a Tandy M100, a
> handful of Epson HX20s and a PX4, an HP110 and a couple of Portable
> Pluses..... I do use them, but I don't think any are particularly
> suitable for making a KM11 clone.

On the smaller end of the scale, I've got a HP Omnigo 700LX (i.e. 200LX with
a built in Nokia DataCard) and a Psion Organiser II. Both fairly nice
machines, but the Org2 is a power-hungry little beasty...

> What's this love of the ZX81, which I regard as a postively horrible
> machine. I'd not rip one apart, though, mainly because there's little of
> use to raid from it...

I think it's a pretty nasty machine too - just picked it off the top of my
head as an example :)
Of course, feel free to replace "ZX81" in that sentence with "PERQ". The
meaning still ends up the same :)

> > If anyone's got a Jupiter Ace that they want rid of, I'm listening :). =
> I've only got one, and I'm hanging on to it. I happen to like Forth (and
> RPN in general).

Hmm, you mean along the lines of:

.. which gives the answer "3". (I *think* that's FORTH, not sure though). I
might actually have a go at designing an RPN calculator at some point. Might
make a fun project, especially seeing as I just got my PIC microcontroller
programmer running again...

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