Pictures Re: Masscomp computers?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 21:15:35 2004

  OK I just finished posting some pictures of the Masscomp machine that I
took apart. Here they are:

   Here is a picture of the front
<>. This particular unit is
in a rack mount chassis and the top cover is ajar. Here
<> is a picture of the top
view. It's a 19" wide chassis so you can get an idea of how long it is. And
gues what's it's even heavier than it looks!!! The manual says that it
weighs 120 pounds. Here is a picture of the insides with the top removed.
The SMI and Multibus boards all fit in the same card cage but have
different connectors. The bottom three cards are the CPU card (bottom slot)
<>. It's what
Masscomp calls a CMPU and has a 68020 CPU. Note that it fits the SMI bus.
Then two CMM 2Mb memory cards
<>. The next card up is the
Auxillery Function Module
<> and it's
also a SMI card. The SMI and Mutlibus cards are intermixed to a degree but
I haven't taken the time to figure out the order of their mixing.

  Multibus cards:

   In no particular order these are: (1) this card that I can't remember
what it is <>. (2) This
Burr Brown MP830-72 data aquisition card
<>. (3)
This EXOS 210 Ethernet card made by Computing Machinery CDorp
0201%20Ethernet.jpg>. Note that the Masscomp card cage has DEEP slots and
all the standard size Multibus cards sit very low in it. Therefore all the
standard size Multibus cards have thse green extensions hooked onto them as
soon in this picture. (4) Next is a NCR HPSIO Intelligent I/O card with 8
RS-232 ports and one parallel port
<>. (5) Then a Data
Translation DT 5712 data acquisition card
(6) The last card in the system (topmost) is a XMC (hard)disk/floppy/tape
0xylogic%20431.jpg>. I believe this actually a XYLogics 431 card.

   OK that's all.

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