How much do you know about computers?

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Fri Nov 26 22:59:44 2004

>> Got bored, so I wrote up some old iron and current tech questions.
>> Bit difficult for the PC users.


> This is too guessable, as I scored a 50 when I probably shouldn't
> have. I have zero programming skills and it threw me.

It's also busted.

I got through the test and then got to the "two more questions, for
statistical purposes". The second says "2. When were you born? You
must be 18 to play." and has a dropdown menu with exactly one entry,
that being a string containing a single dash. I selected it and hit
the Next link and it gave me the page back with a note saying "That
doesn't appear to be a valid date. Could you fix it?".

Well, no, actually, I can't, since the dropdown list doesn't include
any other items.

(Short of manually constructing a query including a response not in the
list, that is, and I don't care enough to bother doing that - besides,
it's not clear whether it wants a year, a year-month-day, or what.)

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