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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Nov 27 11:17:42 2004

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>> Zane Wrote:
>>>Most of my load problems seem to be largely due to the really
>>>sucky Virtual Memory implementation in Mac OS X. Someone mind
>>>telling me why on earth with 1.5GB RAM I'm using 4GB of VM just by
>>>logging in? Earlier today my VM usage was up over 10GB! I think
>>>the "beachball" can almost always, if not always, be blamed on
>>>something swapping in or out of memory.
>>That doesn't seem right. On my dual G4 running 10.2.8 with 2GB RAM, I get
>>hardly any pageouts at all running multiple apps at once (I have a
>>performance monitor running in the menu bar). Where are you getting the
>>VM figure from?

"Activity Monitor" and "top" both report that.

> I'm betting on that Java app he mentioned. ;)
> I've seen very very few Java anythings that didn't suck memory
>into oblivion.

The Java app was why it got up that high. I made the mistake of
trying to kick the Java app off using Safari. That put it into some
sort of loop where it would attempt to start and fail.

> My DP G5 only has a gig-o'RAM, and I almost never page out.
> 'Course, I almost never open Office X: either. 8-)

How many users do you have? Both my wife and I are always logged in,
though all she runs normally is Safari and MS Entourage.

I normally have Eudora, Safari, MS Word (originally X, now 2004),
iTunes, X-Windows, and Terminal.app running. Oh, and I just started
running nfsd on the system which has some definite overhead.

I normally run with only about 15MB of my 1.5GB free. Right now my
VM size is 7.21GB.


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