Apollos again - and an HP2115A

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat Nov 27 13:02:55 2004

rah! Rummaging through the piles of HP stuff today on the offchance that
there were any Apollo bits paid off. Unearthed four DN3000 series
machines in a box complete with three mice and Domain keyboards - that
explains where the stray Domain keyboard I found the other week must
have come from!

Two of the machines are (strangely) missing fronts, and one's just
badged as a 3000 whilst the other is a 3010. All appear to have disks
(hopefully they have all the necessary boards too). I'll have access to
a van tomorrow so I'll shift them up to the museum and take a look

No sign of manuals or install media yet, but I'm only about a third of
the way through the pile.

Also, what the heck's an HP 2115A? Found one earlier all nicely boxed
and wrapped up, plus possibly a second one (it's too buried under more
modern HP stuff to get to it yet!). Looks like a rather nice machine!
Perfect condition too - I'll take that up to the museum tomorrow too so
it's all nice and cosy :)


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