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From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Sat Nov 27 15:41:40 2004

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From: Joe R. <>

> That's just one more reason that I refuse to accept Paypal!!!!!!! I
> take checks, cash and money orders PERIOD. That way I don't have to worry
> about someone draining my account.

Hello Joe --

At the end of each business day, I transfer all of the PayPal funds
I have received that day into my bank account, so there's no
possibility of someone "draining" the PayPal account.

As far as wire (telegraphic) transfers coming in to your bank
account (payments to you), you are perfectly safe in giving out
your bank account number and bank routing code to anyone.
I had to go through all manner of gyrations in order to get set up
to transfer funds out of my own account to pay overseas suppliers.

And, for the Nigerians, I've found nothing works better to get
rid of them:

"I'm sorry, but our company policy prevents us from accepting
your bank check. Shipments to Nigeria must be paid for in
advance by wire transfer only."

I always include my bank account number and routing code, and
I never hear from them again.

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