Info needed- Intel 8024A Multibus SBC

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Sat Nov 27 17:00:20 2004

On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 13:52:42 EST, Paxton wrote:

>I looked in my intel 1990 book and it looks just like the ISBC 80/24A card in
>the book with a 8085-2 processor and ISBX connectors for the Mezz card.
>Normally the card has edge card connectors on top. It looks like someone
>soldered header connectors to the edgecard ones.
>I just got an Intel 80-10 rackmount chassis with a 80/10 processor (8080
>chip), a National Semiconductor 2 port memory card, an analog devices RTI 1200 and
>an intel SBC-108 combination mem & I/O expansion. Looks like it needs some
>cleaning to get it fired up.

It may be the A suffix is key. I found online info for the 80/24
board, but the picture for it is totally different from mine, i.e. the
chip layout is different, etc. Maybe I need to search with the key
80/24A now. I have some Intel data books that I haven't dug in yet
(the whole row of electronic data bookcases cavalcaded down *onto* me
about a year ago and it's all been a mess since). I'm just looking
for data that might help me figure these boards out. I have an EPROM
emulator and conceivably could just plug it in and run some code.

Yes, the boards that I have, they apparently surface-soldered some
0.100" ribbon cable connectors onto the board-edge connectors. Which
actually makes them easier (for me) to find connectors for (but
'spoils' the original appearance of the board)

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