HP junk at Apex Electronics (Sun Valley, CA)

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Sun Nov 28 00:18:48 2004

Wuz at apex today, I mentally noted the HP stuff tyhat's been
there forever.

Manuals for 9600c (binder 9), a bunch (4? 8?) 9825 manuals and
software, basic, pascal, etc, plus a "terminal emulator" with
a set of cartridges/tapes in plastic page holders in a binder.

I don't have enough cash riught now to front this stuff. It's
where all the manuals are. Plus, if you go to buy them all once,
the price will skyrocket, as per standard surplus culture,
so you'll have to go and take one, two at a time, etc.

That Tek repackaged PDP11 thing is still there too. 8" floppy and
a 8" hard disk. No monitor present. Looks clean. I wrote about it
before; I don't recall the model, but search for 'apex' and tomj
in archives.
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