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From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun Nov 28 06:26:48 2004

On Nov 27 2004, 17:17, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 12:50:04 GMT
> Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com> wrote:
> > I have three Indigos (left out of six),
> Dead PSUs? At the Unix-AG we had six Indigos. Only one is alive. The
> other machines died the suden PSU death.

No, I have three left becasue I cleaned up and refurbished the others:
one to a listmember, and two to ex-colleagues who used to use them

The PSUs are easy to repair.

> At home I have two Personal Iris (a 4D30 and a loaded 4D35), A R4k
> the simple LG1 framebuffer and a R3k Indigo without GFX. A R4k4-150
> Indy, a R4k4-200 Extreme Indogo2, a R10k-195 Impact Indigo2 (the
> I am sitting in front of right now) and an Octane. (R12k-300, ESSI +
> dual head, 2 GB RAM, PCI card cage with additional SCSI and FDDI,
> of 36 GB disk, CD-RW, DLT)

I have an Indy R4400SC-150 as well. I was always rather disappointed
with its speed, though; it's considerably slower than most of the other
Indys. I never liked the look of the Indigo^2 so I don't have any of
those. I'd like your Octane, though,if you ever get tired of it ;-)

> > and a 16-processor x 180MHz R10K Origin2000.
> A Origin2000 is nice, but I would prefere an Onyx2000. ;-)

:-) The O2K I helped look after in Computer Science was a 32 processor
unit and it had a graphics unit. Nothing like Onyx graphics, but I
would have liked that.

> > > What I really want one of these days is a nice Dual Processor
> > > with R12000 CPU's.
> > Have you heard one? Have you got a pair of comfortable ear
> He. I have an extra machine room and run extension cables through the
> wall. So I don't care about noise. :-)

Ditto for my Origin (and the PDPs etc). The machine room is an
extension to the house, and I have UTP, serial lines, thinwire, and
fibre between m/c room and office.

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