ZX81 denigrated! (was Re: Approaches to projects)

From: Tom Peters <tpeters_at_mixcom.com>
Date: Sun Nov 28 13:48:17 2004

I had a TI Programmer LED model. It died a horrible death. I don't know
what became of it. I have the model that replaced it, a TI Programmer II,
an LCD model. It has number keys with binary representations ghosted over
the keys, CE, XOR, AND, OR to the left of the numbers, oh heck:



SHF D E F / (<--divide symbol)

1'sC A B C X

OR 7 8 9 -

AND 4 5 6 +

XOR 1 2 3

CE 0 . +/- =

I used to use this thing all the time. I really should get some batteries
for it. I need a pair of Varta V13GA or similar.

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> >> In any case, my programmable calculators have real mass storage
> >> (including 3.5" floppies), 80 column video, decent printers, useful I/O,
> >> and so on. I use HP41s with IL and most of the peripherals...
> >
> >Heh. I've been toying with the idea of buying one of the TI programmable
> >graphics calculators (probably a TI-84). Anyone got one? Can they be made to
> >do RPN, hex->bin conversion, bitwise operations, etc.?
> >Failing that, anyone care to suggest a nice, (fairly) low-cost programmers'
> >calculator? I know at least one person is going to say "HP 16C", but I
> >haven't seen any around my neck of the woods for a while, and the ones I've
> >seen on Ebay seem to go for insane amounts.
> TI made a "programmers" calculator at one time. LED display IIRC. I
>doubt they still make it but you should be able to find one on E-bay and
>TIs usually go cheap.
> Joe

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