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From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Sun Nov 28 20:46:56 2004


        A gentleman in Arizona contacted me about divesting himself of his
S100 stuff, including most of my missing BYTE magazines (and 2 copies of
Issue #1), the entire run of Micro Cornucopia (which I haven't received
yet), a few Kilobauds and Interface Ages. He has also sent me a SSM VB1B
video board, a Computer Systems Inc. Clock/Calendar board, an IMS PIC-8 Rev
3 interface board and a Cromemco Dazzler board set. Supposedly there's lots
more, including tons of software on 8" disks and two complete S100 systems.

        Back to the Micro Cornucopia. I've heard of the name, but what was
the focus of it?

        Regarding my BYTE collection, with these additional issues, I have
nearly a complete set from 9/75 through 1/88. So far, my "interesting
article" database has about 700 entries. At some point, I will make this
available on my Web site and if someone needs an article reprint, I can do

        I thought I'd mention the issues of BYTE I'm still missing in case
anyone has dupes: most of 1976 (except 1, 3, 4), 7/77, 6/80, 2/82, 1/86, and


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