VAX 11/725

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Nov 28 21:39:42 2004

  As an overall FYI to the List, I've replied here:

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004, Heinz Wolter wrote:

> would you care to copy my tapes?
> I have boot tapes , some others (vms)
> rc25 packs and with vms on the internal disk..
> tgen there's my 3x loaded 750s (my fave vaxes)
> that I can't afford to ship.. sitting in California ..

   Not knowing your exact situation - I thought to mention that I have just
recently shipped over 200 kilos (a Hammond BCV electric organ) to
Copenhagen from Carson City, NV, USA - door-to-airport, for US$511.00

   I used BAX Global. Also, I just last week sent 40 kilos to France,
air-frieght, for much less than the USPS price. It came to $92 via Bax,
the USPS wanted $140, for the same 7-10 day service, nor could they track
it en route.

   Just an FYI.... I am in the process of arranging a comprehensive load
for another Listmember going from California to Germany - maybe you could
get involved with that, for at least one of your 750s....


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