VAX 11/725

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 19:51:54 2004

"Heinz Wolter" wrote:
>I have one. it's a big paperweight without the microcode
>tape.. the 725 was a cab with an integreated internal/etc rc25 combo.
>memory is very limited . your tape drive wheel may be mush with age,
>so try to check it before sacrificing your ony boot tape ;0

I would not bother with the boot tape. I'll bet $ the roller is mush.
But if you really want to use it send me your address and I'll send you
a few inches of norprene tubing which you can use to replace the roller.

instead I'd connect the tu58 to a db-9 and run tu58sim on a pc running
linux. I have a boot tape image which will boot quasijarus on a 730. I
think that should work on a 725 also.

That's how I boot my 730 all the time :-) works like a champ.

And netbsd won't boot on a 725/730. Quasijarus will. I got close to
fixing this at one point but decided Michael was right - bsd43 is the
right tool for that job. netbsd is too big and bloated.

You can boot bsd43 in 2mb of ram on a 730.

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