ZX81 denigrated! (was Re: Approaches to projects)

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Tue Nov 30 02:08:35 2004

On Nov 30 2004, 0:49, Tony Duell wrote:

> When I make the adapter I'll add a 3 position switch to it (the
> postiions being 'Always on'. 'Always off', 'Controlled by the remote
> cable). One of my Tandy cassette recorders, designed for home
> use, has such a switch, and it's useful.

I made a new DIN plug with the power lead entering via the side, and a
2.5mm jack socket on the end to control the motor. When the 2.5mm plug
isn't fitted, the motor is on.

No idea about the IEC plug/socket with flat pins, though.

> > I had to replace the drive belt in mine a few years back. I got a
> > from CPC for a few pence.
> There are 2 belts in mine. The large one (which has completely died)
> which goes between the motot, capstan flywheel and reel drive pulley,
> a little one in the reel drive mechanism. I was going to change both.
> don't suppose you've got the CPC number for the belt you used, the
> catalogue is almost impossible to obtain...

Hmm... I vaguely recall two belts as well, but I don't have a record of
the part numbers.

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