Rescue a 6000! ... & other DEC

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Nov 30 15:06:33 2004

FYI: also there: 2 LP27 lineprinters, 1 TU81-plus tapedrive

I was able to swing by Bob Donovan's company on the way to a
family function and took a few pictures of the VAX 6000. He talked
a bit about apparently three other parties trying to take the machine
and giving up. the machine is weeks away from the scrapper. I will
be going by in about a week in a normal hatchback car to pick-up
what I can.

Since the *entire* interior of the car, seats included, is about the size
of the VAX, I will dismantle it to accomodate. Alright Jokesters, that's
the VAX, not the car. This means that the other 1/2 of the machine is
likely going to be scrapped, even though it is in better shape than my

Just to let you know. If there is another thing I can do, let me know.
It's a 6100.

quick photos of the visit at

John A.

Thanks to Bob.D and Rich.B

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>The shipping charges from Conneticut were too rich for my blood so I'm
>hoping one of you will be able to save this machine.
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