Interesting Item

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Nov 30 21:10:23 2004

> I was looking at things on ebay and found
> item #5144198694. Does anyone recognize this
> thing. Is it in fact a computer or part of
> a guidence control?

Well, it is a computer, but probably doesn't do much. Essentially, the
military uses a rather loose definition when it comes to computer - even a
couple of potentiometers in a box will be called a computer, if it does
compute some variables.

My guess that this is another "nameless*" bit of 50s and 60s aircraft
gear, perhaps for drone control, or maybe a fire control system. If the
tag was clearer, I could maybe tell more.

Anyway, it does not look space rated.

*"nameless", as a lot of this stuff had seemingly random part numbers that
really didn't tell you much, and also did not get published much. I have a
lot of this sort of thing, and rarely do I figure out what it goes with.

William Donzelli
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