wanted ; docs for Omnibyte Corp OB68K1A multibus SBC

From: list_classiccomp-tech_at_greencroft.co.uk <(list_classiccomp-tech_at_greencroft.co.uk)>
Date: Mon Nov 15 09:09:53 2004

Anyone got any info on the above board? motorola 68000 CPU, DRAM, ROM
& some IO (2*6821 PIAs, 2*6850 SIOs, 1* 6840), and a bunch of
switches, all on a MultiBUS I card. Also has "master/slave D16 M24 I16
VOL 1982" legended.
Nothing helpfull showing up on a Google so far.
(received it amongst a pile of DEC manuals & TK50s rescued a month or
so ago)

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