Shameless self promotion... was Poly88 on ebay

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Oct 1 13:07:59 2004

>From: "Bryan Blackburn" <>
>>>I may be whacked in the head, but what did the Poly 88 innovate other
>>>than cuteness? Or maybe that doesn't matter because it is has an s-100 buss?
>> Actually it did provide a turning point in micro processors.
>> It was the first S-100 to have only a power and reset button on the front.
>> It had a monitor ROM built in that provided a display of memory and
>> registers, using the memory mapped video. The ROM also had the
>> tape read code built in. They'd have put the tape write code in
>So. What I hear you saying, is that they were the first to copy the
>digital group...! :)

 Is it S-100? When did they first come out?

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