AS/400 9404 and TWINAX questions...

From: jim stephens <>
Date: Fri Oct 1 15:11:46 2004

Don Hills wrote:

> jim stephens <> wrote:

the clunker we had would bomb about every 60 days, i assumed it was
even on that time, since several people said it was.... anyway the software
was from a tape that came with the system, not licensed, so I was only trying
to get something other than the cursor on the screen.

I was told by others that you had to enter some crap somewhere to set
the license and enable what you paid for and you had in the mean time from
the time you loaded your tapes or cd's or floppies a grace period to get
things set up before your license arrived. At least the users of the AS/400
used the time to make sure they had ordered everything they needed before
the system locked up.

we only brought up some screen after login just to paint the screen with
data for testing being able to hook to it physically, and scrape the screen.

other people later bought a license, but that was after I left. They did more
tools for interconnect I think.

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