DEC 6330 & 6300

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Fri Oct 1 19:51:06 2004

Jay West wrote:

> I can't seem to find any pictures on DEC 6330 or DEC 6300 computers via
> goggling. Anyone have a picture of these beasts? I may have a line on
> getting one of each....

   The 300 and 330 part of VAX6300 and VAX6330 refer to number & speed
of the processors. If I'm not mistaken, they both live in the same type

   Rackmount VAX6000 cabinet:

   Plus you'd have the expansion cabinets - this chassis is just CPU & RAM.

   I understand that the rackmount VAX6000 is a lot less common than the
full cabinets, but I've never seen the other. I *think* the cabinet
model is about the size of a DEC7000:

   There's no size reference there, but that cabinet is about 5'8" tall,
36" deep, and about 40-42" wide.

   One of my friends will suffer apoplexy if you score a rackmount 6330....

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