Cromemco SpaceWar object code

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Oct 2 16:20:23 2004

On Oct 2 2004, 13:47, Richard A. Cini wrote:

> Does anyone have a functional copy of the Cromemco SpaceWar
> that was in the Dazzler manual? I have a PDF of the manual, which has
a hex
> dump of it, but OCRing it has proven to been a royal pain.

I stha t PDF available anywhere? I have a Dazzler but no manual.

> Ideally what I need is a straight binary file. It would be
> 3.3k long. If someone can assist with this, I'd appreciate it.

If OCR is a pain (and I can well believe that) why not just retype it?
Even though it's a bit tedious, and would need careful checking, 3.3K
isn't too bad, and it's probably quicker than fixing a poor OCR. I
know; I was the person who re-typed the 60K of the original TREK73 from
some pretty awful photocopies, when no machine-readable version could
be found. I set it up on a copy stand beside my machine, and typed
half-hour or one-hour stints in the evenings when I had nothing much
better to do, for a couple of weeks. 3.3K wouldn't take long, even if
it is hex.

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