Anyone selling 5.25" blank Apple or Atari disks?

From: Jim Leonard <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 02:17:13 2004 wrote:

> I got some NOS from a local computer dealer for nothing, but I'm hanging
> on to them for dear life. You might try checking some of the smaller
> office supply outfits and/or Goodwill/Salvaation Army stores. These are
> turning into very rare items now.

DSDD 5.25" disks are rare? Seriously? Checking ebay, I guess I only see two
auctions (with
being the only sane one) but I never thought they were rare...

I mean, I've got hundreds that I don't know what to do with. Maybe I should
start selling them :-)

To the person who wanted ten or so to play with: I have much Apple II disks
that were found dumpster-diving at a school; I can mail you ten that may be
Apple II formatted and have who knows what on them. Let me know.
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