Survived another one!

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 13:15:43 2004

Glad you made it through okay, Joe.

I, too, survived, but I'm really starting to lose my sense of
humor about these hurricanes.

This time we had damage to our roof (at home), and during
the storm the water rose around our back door and started
blowing underneath the door and into the room where my
classic machines live. I had to scramble to get everything to
dry space, but it looks like there were no casualties (except for
the carpet). No loss of electricity this time, though.

Again, the upside: we are still alive. Others may be shopping
for chainsaws, but I'm scoping out U-Haul trucks.

Later --


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Subject: Survived another one!

> Well Hurricane Jeanne has come and gone. This is the fourth hurricane in
> 6 weeks and the third that's gone through my area. The DEC and intel stuff
> sitting outside STILL hasn't blown away! Not too much damage this time,
> the most part everything that could be torn up was destroyed in the
> previous storms. However my roof shingles are finally starting to go. The
> power companies are getting GOOD at this. This time they had the power
> on the same day! I think there's going to be lots of houses (or vacant
> lots!) for sale in Florida real soon. I went to Home Depot this morning
> and it was packed with people buying roofing materials and other repair
> items. A lot of them also had "Home for Sale" signs in their carts!
> I haven't heard from Glen. I know he was without power for five then
> seven days from the two previous storms and I think he's about ready to
> leave the state.
> Joe
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