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Date: Sun Oct 3 16:04:12 2004

Rumor has it that Vintage Computer Festival may have mentioned these words:
>On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, David V. Corbin wrote:
> > Thinking about the recent posts on "Emulating right down to the
> Iron"..and I
> > had an idea, that I first thought was completely crazy, but am now thinking
> > that it may be only slightly nuts....
> >
> > People have successfully modeled some of the processors using current
> > technology such as FPGA's. What if someone used and FPGA or similar and
> > produced a processor capable of running the instruction set of a specific
> > machine, but was compatible at the PIN (and other HW considerations) of a
> > x86. A standard motherboard (obviously with a completely vustom BIOS) and
> > standard hardware could then be used.
> >
> > Depending on what type of HAL was implemented their might be the need for
> > some custom drivers at the emulated OS level. But this would provide a
> > platform that used current hardware (easy, available, cheap) without any
> > additional layers....
> >
> > As I said, I thought I was completly wacko when the idea first came up, but
> > I wanted to get the lists thoughts....
>You may as well design it as a co-processor card that goes into the PC and
>then takes over the bus. Sure, it's probable that it can be done the way
>you describe, but the distance between "probable" and "possible" is
>measured in terms of sanity.

And Cashflow... ;-)

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