CARA hamfest report

From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 17:21:00 2004

I don't bother with many hamfests any more, as most seem to be
turning into intel x86 clone shows. However, one hamfest that
has never disappointed me is the CARA (Columbia (Maryland) Amateur
Radio Association) hamfest held each October. This year's fest
was no exception. It was pretty small this year due (probably)
to the threatening rain, but I was still able to score the
following for under $15 total (including $6 to get in):

Bugtrap Model 2074 Logic comparator with manual and clips/probes.

_Logic_Circuits_and_Microcomputer_Systems_ copyright 1980
     by Wiatrawski and House

intel 8-Bit Embedded Controller Handbook (1989)

and (best for last)

ADM-3A interactive display terminal operator's handbook
  (first printing, copyright 1975)

ADM-3A Maintenance Manual in an LSI Data Products vinyl 3-ring binder.
  Full schematics, troubleshooting section, keyswitch repair/maintenance,

A good Saturday morning's haul, I think.

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