Bob Supnik lurking? (simh PDP11 question)

From: Stephane Tsacas <>
Date: Sun Oct 3 21:10:07 2004

On Sun, 3 Oct 2004 18:23:58 -0700, Ron Hudson <> wrote:
> Ok, What do you mean... It seems to me your saying that if I rename the
> file and name a new one in it's place the running process (simh) will
> continue to access the old file..(perhaps by inode)

yes. Unix = almost everything mapped to an inode.

> Still true if I use links?

You can even delete the file... it will just modify the directory
entry (and internally decrement a reference counter probably from 2 to

> And what if simh closes and opens the file as needed?

That would work, but you need to notify simh one way or another. You
have to find a way to tell simh which device to close/reopen/reattach.
If it doesn't matter, eg. you ask simh to reattach all the devices, a
unix 'signal' can be used I guess.

Anyway I pretty sure your hack won't be supported by any OS running on
top of simh, I hope I'm wrong.

Paris, France.
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