Ot. Website check

From: Lyle Bickley <lbickley_at_bickleywest.com>
Date: Sun Oct 3 21:46:49 2004


Version 7.54 Final
Build 751
Platform Linux

Checked out many pages of your site - had no trouble seeing everything
(rendering O.K.) or navigating (except for the incomplete areas, of
course ;-)


On Sunday 03 October 2004 18:59, James Rice wrote:
> Can a few people check out my site for rendering problems and report
> back to me. I'm not anywhere near finished but I need to know if
> everything appears to be working. It looks ok to me with Mozilla but I
> haven't installed Opera and don't use IE. My one box with Safari
> installed is still in the storage facility.
> Thanks,,
> James

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