In search of... DECtape drives

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 07:55:19 2004

>>>>> "Nico" == Nico de Jong <> writes:

>> > I was contacted recently someone at WPI who had been approached
>> > about reading an old DECtape. They no longer have the DEC-10 >
>> at WPI, so need to find someone with working DECtapes who might >
>> be able to read the tape...

 Nico> I'm not a DEC specialist (far from it), but if the tape is
 Nico> compatible with DLT2000, I would have a fair chance of being
 Nico> able to read it.

Nope. DECtape is 3/4 inch wide, 10 tracks, block oriented, random
access. It is nothing like anything else (except LincTape). It's the
world's first streaming tape, and also the most reliable tape ever

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