ot++ laptop buying advice please

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Mon Oct 4 12:31:43 2004

Ron Hudson wrote:
> Since the "end user" barely has understands cut and paste (and I will
> probably have to explain it again) and is used to Windoze, I don't think
> throwing a mac laptop at them will help any. I would if I thought I
> could though, I am a Mac user myself (my "production" machine is an
> iBook, with osX )

   My Spousal Equivalent is a long-time Windows dependent. I should
also mention that she's the Anti-Geek. She doesn't particularly like
computers at all, and doesn't like learning new things if she can get
out of it.

   Three weeks ago, just about two hours after I left on a 2-week
business trip, her system booted to a windows Protection Fault and
hasn't run since.

   I had set her up an account on my G5 months ago, but she'd never
logged in, until her box broke and I wasn't here to "reboot and
reinstall". I got her logged into OS X, walked her through setting up
her email accounts, told her which Dock icon is Safari and where to find
my copy of "The Missing Manual", and that's all it took.

   She has a new 17" eMac on her desk now. :)

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