WooHoo... Big Iron at auction IBM S/390

From: Tom Ponsford <tponsford_at_theriver.com>
Date: Mon Oct 4 13:18:08 2004

Hey all you big iron collectors!!

Tomorrow at the UA auction they got a Big S/390 with all the auxiliary
cabinets. I fortunatly had my digital camera with me this time,s as the
University FORGOT to post the computer on it's online site.

This means that a lot of would-be purchasers may not be there. I suspect that
the 390 and the associated cabinets will go cheap, but who knows. The
University may decide to postpone the auction for the 390 til next time. If
they don't..Here's your chance.

You can bid by phone. But you'll need to set up an account with them before
the auction. Auction starts at 8:30 MT (tucson Az.). I expect that they will
get to the s/390 at aroun 11:00 or 12:00 noon.

I have some photos I took this morning. They are not labeled. I've written
down more info and I'm looking it up as we speak. The 390 is circa 1999/2000
and is in #2 condition which is next to new. Several books/binders w
documentation. Hey don't these things run linux on a virtual partition??

Anyway, see for yourself. (the brown lines on the machines is tape. It's too
keep people from opening the cabs and removing componenets during inspection
day (today)


Auction web page:



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